Ancol Beach Jakarta

ancol beach

“City of Jakarta never end of life”

Yaps Jakarta, this city never end of life, jakarta is busy city But in in other corner, jakarta have very beautiful of view. Yeah this is ancol in other corner of jakarta, You can come here from google maps, you can ride with your motorcile or you car, or you can come here with public transportation like Busway.

Location with google maps to come Ancol Beach :


For the ticket you can buy on the locket with Price / June of 2018 :


Individu IDR 25.000,- IDR 25.000,-
Car IDR 25.000,- IDR 25.000,-
Motorcycle IDR 15.000,- IDR 15.000,-
Bus IDR 45.000 IDR 45.000


This ticket just for come to Anchol Beach, you can wait “Wara-Wiri Bus” On the Halte ( if you use public transportation like busway),  “Wara-wiri bus” come every 30 Minutes and can bring you go to Ancol Beach location.


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