Sanur Beach Bali


“Sanur Beach Bali”

Sanur beach is one of the tourist destinations in bali, its location just east of denpasar Bali, precisely approximately 10 Mil from denpasar bali, or takes approximately 30 minutes to reach this location from denpasar.

To be able to get to this location is suggested to use private vehicles such as motorcycles or cars because public transportation is still rare, especially if you want to travel in bali at night or maybe in the morning.

Sanur beach has a calm sea is not suitable for sports activities such as surfing, sanur beach is famous for the name sunrise beach, because the beauty of this beach that is reflected when the sun is rising.

To get to this beach writers had confusion to find the entrance to one of the beach because the writer headed to this beach only use google maps and the first time visited this beach, but it all paid off by coming to the right location in before sunrise coming.

The author made this trip using a motorcycle from kuta, this journey from kuta takes 30 minutes, because in the morning the streets are not too crowded, but must remain cautious, do not go alone if it is a new trip first done.

Locations from this beach if using google maps:

The author had visited this location in April 2017 and proved the beauty of the sanur beach at sunrise, the picture of sanur beach that was captured by our smartphones.


In another corner :


In addition to the small cottages that can be made a place to rest while waiting for the Sunrise:


oh ya, on this beach if the morning sometimes there are also fishing boats that lean.

Come On share also travel blogger experience ever visited this beach, whether it is using public transportation or maybe a private vehicle , Write in the comment column.

The beach in bali always there is a story in it

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